Thanks to the latest components and extensive equipment, the Kobold robot is a true powerhouse. He works as you expect from a Kobold: powerful and efficient. It reliably cleans all floors. Effortlessly he reaches every corner, easily overcomes obstacles and even cleans under flat furniture.

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The world of Kobold - basic knowledge robot

  • Multiple cleaning events - Kobold VR300

    How many cleaning events can I plan for a day for Kobold VR300? Using Kobold Robot app 3.0.1 and VR300 Robot Software 4.5.1. or newer you can set as many cleaning events per day as you wish. If t...

  • Multiple Floor Plan - Kobold Robot VR300

    What is the purpose of multiple floor plans? Multiple floor plans allow you to clean with No-Go Lines and Zones on more than one floor. If you have a home with multiple levels, you will be able t...

  • Zone Cleaning - Kobold robot VR300

    What is zone cleaning? Zone cleaning allows you to tell the robot to clean a specific area on-demand. Crumbs fell on the floor during slicing bread? Simply send your robot to the kitchen to clean...

  • MyKobold App - General

    What are the app’s main features? In the app, you can find out everything about your own Kobold products, their applications and, above all, their care. As a Kobold customer, this will enable you...

  • MyKobold App - My profile

    What information can/must I provide in my profile? In the “Info” section, in addition to your name and address, you can also enter your contact details (email address and phone number). You can a...

  • MyKobold App - Kobold VR300 robot vacuum cleaner

    I can’t find all of the robot’s features. All robot features are available in MyKobold app. Why do I have to share my location during the integration process in order to connect my VR robot? T...

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The World of Kobold - technical specifications Robot

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Troubleshooting & bug fixes - Robot

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